I found this vase at Søstrene Grene and I had to buy it. It’s so chic, I love it. Just perfect for the fresh weekend flowers that I like to try to buy every Friday. Jumuah flowers is now a tradition for me, haha!


This world is full of people competing and running after materialism because of the lack of gratefulness. I absolutely love this. So easy to forget, but so important to remember.


The Body Shop Shower gel Omg, this tropical shower gel smells sooooo good. Do you wanna smell like coconut and pineapple after a shower? Well, here it is – perfect for summer!



I have been living on iced coffee lately, haha! Soooo good in this heat, but if I was to buy one every time that would be a bit expensive. So I usually make one myself at home. If I’m not making one at home then Kaffebrenneriet has the best coffee in my opinion!


I was not sure about this net bag trend, but I found myself giving in and now I love it! Mine is from Nelly 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this, have a blessed Sunday ♥



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There’s not always time to do what you really want to do on an everyday basis, sooooo weekend is LIFE. Here’s some of my favorite things to do over the weekend;

→ enjoy a good cup of coffee and breakfast in the mornings
→ spend more time with family and friends
→ buy fresh flowers

→ pampering – relax, face mask, bath
→ quality time with my son
→ eat out, takeaway or cook nice dinner

→ plan next weeks to do list and menu
→ coffee shops ( COFFEEEEE!)
→ stay longer in bed (if it’s possible with a toddler…)

Enjoy your weekend beautiful people!



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Good morning lovely people ♥ I hope you’re doing well! These are my April favorites that I have been loving. I feel like I say this a lot but seriously time flies, where did April go?


VOLUSPA PANJORE LYCHEE. Ah, this candle smells so good, I could seriously eat it, haha! It also looks pretty as decor.


This quote really made me think about how easy it is to neglect and forget about our soul. We need to feed our soul with good and with happiness. Make time for it.


MARIO BADESCU FACIAL SPRAY. I was late to the game when purchasing this one, but oh my, so good! I love how fresh you feel after spraying this on your face. Definitely, something I’m going to purchase again. As you can see, my bottle is empty, haha!



I love this article about how to be productive, energetic and healthy in Ramadan. Now that Ramadan is right around the corner (In Shaa Allah – If Allah wills) this is perfect to read and implement. Our health is a blessing, an Amanah and a part of our religion to take care of.


I have been loving this POLKA DRESS from H&M! Easy and breezy to wear for spring/summer, with some sneakers for that chill and effortless look.

Enjoy your day ♥

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I used to have all my hijabs in a drawer and it always ended up in a total mess and it was so frustrating! So a while ago I bought some scarf/belt organizers that have really helped me to keep my hijabs organized in my closet and I don’t have to iron them every time either. Because ain’t nobody got time for that, haha!

They also look so much better hanging there based on the color palette. Easier to find your nudes and your more colorful hijabs in just one place.

These white hangers are from IKEA, I didn’t find them online, and I don’t know if they still have them in store but I’ve used this one before and it works wonders too! I bought the dark grey hangers on a Japan kinda dollar store in Malaysia, but I found almost the same on Amazon HERE.

Have a lovely Sunday ♥



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I saw these bags at Søstrene Grene the other day and I had to buy them. So cute for Eid, girls night, neighbors, guest or to bring with you when visiting someone. I love how they always have cute and affordable stuff there. A pack of 6 bags was only 11 KR, that can never go wrong!

It comes with gold stickers to close the bag with, so cute!

or you can use thread instead if you want.

Soon weekend! Have a lovely evening ♥




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“We created man in the best stature” (Quran, 95:4)

Self-love is self-acceptance. How do you treat your self? How do you feel at the end of the day? Do you sleep while thinking “I’m not good enough?” Do you appreciate and accept who you are? Yes, we are humans and we will always be striving to be better and that’s a good thing, but does that bring the current you down? Does that make you comparing yourself to other people?

Self-love is so much more than just a few points, it takes a reading, discovering, and practice to achieve. As a Muslimah/Muslim we already have a gudiance on what is best for us, what we need is to look even deeper at it.

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you”

These few points are a first step to be aware of your inner voice:

1. Don’t try to change so that someones else will love you. Change so that YOU can love yourself.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others. You’re wonderful just as you are.

3. Have a morning/evening devoted completely to yourself.

4. Make a little space in the corner of your room just for prayer/meditation. Make it cozy.

5. Stay away from people that bring you down. Surround yourself with positive people that will bring out the best in you. Spiritually and mentally.

6. See your mistakes as valuable lessons. Leave your mistake behind and move on. They deepen your wisdom.

7. When you catch yourself complaining (as we all do sometimes), pause. Reflect. Look at the simple joys in your life. Be grateful. (I’m absolutely in love with the gratitude journal from JournalForMuslims and I also have a giveaway on my Instagram)

8. When feeling stressed out, make time to take a nice, long and hot bath with your favorite bath-bomb/bath oil.

9. Learn a new skill. Photography? Cooking? Tajweed?

10. Go out on a sunny Sunday to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy your day. Either alone or with someone you love.

11. Always renew your intentions. Make them pure.

Remeber to appreciate and value yourself! ♥



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