I was looking forward to receiving these from Lilaantiny! I love it, and my son was so excited when he saw it, haha. I love the Scandinavian design and the minimal look, so these are perfect.



They have tableware sets with Arabic alphabets, small reminders, and messages which makes it even better. They’re made of strong melamine, BFA free, and are microwave and dishwasher safe. I got the Arabic alphabet set, and the Bismillah Tumbler cup.

This way it makes it more playful and fun to start to learn while eating. He actually said the three first Arabic alphabets and it was so funny.

A lot of you were interested after I posted a picture on my Instagram story. Take a look at their website Lilaandtiny, they really do have some cute stuff. Perfect for your kids, or as a gift to someone you know!

Have a blessed Wednesday, In Shaa Allah.




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