Oh, how fast the time flies. Ramadan is already right around the corner and I can’t wait for it to come In Shaa Allah! In the last four years, I’ve been DIY-ing my own Ramadan calendar with small reminders, duas, challenges, and good deeds. It’s such a fun thing to do and it keeps you motivated and on track.

For this year I got this beautiful and fun Ramadan Calendar from BarakahCaravan, so no need for a DIY this time. I can’t wait to use it and do something fun for my son, now that he understands a lot more. A great way to make Ramadan special for the kids, either your own or maybe as a gift for someone you know! Aaaand you can re-use this every year!

It’s handmade from the Netherlands, made with organic felt and a lot of work and effort is put into this product. Such a good quality! They do have other colors that you can choose from HERE. You can order online and get it shipped or you can also DM the owner on Instagram to meet up with her if you live in Oslo, Norway.

You can use this cute yellow little thing to mark which day it is as a countdown.

Easy to put notes or sweets in these pockets.

Get your own Ramadan calendar HERE and make Ramadan fun for the whole family. They only have a few in stock now, so be quick to get yours. They will get a bulk next week, you can reserve yours by sending her a DM on Instagram.

They also have a lot of other things on their website; posters, stationery, organic beauty/health products and Arabic learning books/games.

It’s important for me to support small businesses. Show each other love and support, that’s the key.

Have a blessed Friday! ♥





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