So I decided to start a gratitude journal because in our everyday life, filled with stress and all the things that we have to do it’s easy to forget about being grateful for all the blessings we have in our life. We focus on all the things that we don’t have, and all the things that we want.
We focus too much on the negativity so we end up digging ourselves big black holes. With gratitude, we can regain the focus!

With this gratitude journal, it’s easier for us Muslims to thank Allah subhanahu Wa ta’ala for all the blessings in our life when we pray to Him. We’ve written it down, and pondered a bit upon them, so it’s easier to talk to Allah subhanahu Wa ta’ala about them and be grateful too.

Research shows that being grateful makes us have

  • less anxiety
  • more energy
  • decreased depression
  • increased forgiveness
  • greater happiness
  • increased giving
  • increased productivity

and that’s amazing!

Maybe this gratitude journal will help us take that deep breath, 5 minutes a day, to reflect and ponder upon things we’re grateful for, the things that really matter.

To begin with, we can start writing three-five things. I mostly like the pen and paper style when it comes to things like this so I’m gonna dedicated a notebook to this. I also like to make it a bit cozy with candles, a blanket and maybe some coffee/tea, haha! But do whatever you preferer doing!

How this works:

  • Write «Today I’m grateful for…».
  • Write down three-five things you’re grateful for that day, maybe its a thing, a situation or a person in your life. You can write more if you want to.
  • Ponder upon each thing you’ve written and feel the happiness that fills your heart.
  • Keep doing this every day, whenever you have the time.

“Make it a habit to talk about blessings more than burdens. When you spread positivity, the Almighty will bless you with even more.” – Mufti Ismail Menk.

I would love to know if you’re in. I hope you enjoyed and have a blessed Friday – Jumuah.